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In my gallery (when I get things organized), you will find an assortment of different things from fanart to fashion photography to nature photography. I have quite a few hobbies and interests I guess.

Though I cannot control what people do, I will still put the message across, please don't steal anything of mine. It is better to be known (or loved, or something) for the things you've done instead of taking someone else's work, regardless of what it is.
However, if you steal, and pretend to be me, I hope Resetti gets you!

If you think I am strange, weird, a freak, crazy, anything like that...

I just have a crazy :iconimagination1plz::iconimagination2plz::iconimagination3plz::iconimagination4plz::iconimagination5plz:



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

1. If you are afraid of strangeness, oddness, and weirdness in general, or dislike extremely colorful things, then you shouldn't look at my gallery :P, however, I like darker colors as well.

2. THIS PERSON SHIPS OBSCURE PAIRINGS. Aishihuihudasiofndksvndhfiob.......0.O

If anything on this page bothers you, please leave. Many things here will bother many people I'm certain. Don't start online drama with me. I do not support, or start it. If you're looking for a target, you picked the wrong one buddy.
Go somewhere else and complain if you feel the need to. If you do say something, unless I feel like responding, I will probably either:

1) Ignore you
2) Hide the comment
3) Block you; if it's really necessary. I will eliminate drama whenever I can.

I don't consider myself part of any subculture, I am neither "mainstream" or "alternative".
Some people may say I am a "poser" because I seem to change styles/jump around between fashions from time to time. I just enjoy experimenting and trying different things; to see what "works" for me.
I like alternative fashions because, while with some fashions, and in some subcultures, people tend to look alike, I find that fashions like cybergoth allows one to be extra creative, and expressive. Everyone is different, in more ways than one. I have quite a few interests, and there can be quite a big difference gap between some of them. For example, I adore colors and brighter fashions, but I really like darker colors, and fashions too. To simply put it, I am a combo of serious and not-so-serious. I get labeled personality-wise as being, well, happy, energetic, and positive since I love bright colors, and I'm not saying flatout I'm not (I ACTUALLY AM; ignore what I just said), but I tend to be more of the opposite. I'm a strange one, I tell you! What I have chosen to put up online is just a scratch on the surface.

I have shifted from fashion photography to other types of media. I will be posting more digital art on here from now on.
My fanart will be of MLP, Vocaloid, and Pokemon as of now.

Shit no one cares about me:

- I am a vegetarian; a type of it anyways. I am not "pure" or something. I occasionally eat salmon once in a blue moon. I am picky and choosy with what I eat. I live in a GMO world it seems; I don't do fast food that often, and try to shop local or buy organic as much as possible (but I am kind of a health conspiracist I guess, I don't always trust what those food makers say about their products at all!). I try to be a healthy person; some might say I can be a health nut! I like learning how to cook different things, and I enjoy exercising as well.....Fitness matters to me! I'm an exercise addict!

- I love Animal Crossing! I only have the DS version as of now. My favorite character is Cube I have to say right now, I like talking to the lazy types and the cranky types as well. The peppies can be annoying sometimes..I always get so excited when I hear Gulliver's spacecraft flying over my town, or when I see Pete flying to deliver my mail..

- I am a PokeFreak! (A lover of Pokemon!) I will always love Pokemon. My favorite types of Pokemon are Steel, Ghost, and Fighting types. I like Dark types as well.

- I also used to (and I still am) a Digimon fan too. My favorite Digimon is DemiDevimon (though he's a virus Digimon...)

- I am interested in the history of antiques, and learning about collectables, as it is my family's business..we find most of our stuff in thrift stores, I am a self described "thrift store junkie!" Some things I am interested in are vintage plastics like bakelite, celluloid, lucite, etc. I am just getting into costume jewelry now. I like kitchy items, and novelty items as well. I have a lot of clothes from the 80`s in my closet (though some people consider the 80's to be too recent to be considered vintage)!

- I like reading books and magazines on a range of topics, such as: psychology, religion, different cultures, health, cooking, interior designing, fashion, antiques/collectibles, photography, history, poetry, fact books (bathroom readers!), travelling guides, foodie books, and fantasy novels.

- I support diversity 110% percent (more if possible). I do not believe in stereotypes, or stereotyping. I am NOT racist, sexist, or judgmental, but we all have our bad moments when we say something we do not mean to. I've had plenty, but I try not to let my nasty side show online. I will never call someone a bitch online either; I hate that term. It is very demeaning, I think...
I'm not really a feminist though I used to consider myself one, but I believe in equality, that gender is just about looks (and in some cases, a label...). I think a lot about gender and how society thinks of gender, and the stereotypes out there.

- I would describe myself as gay-sexual (or gay-ce is another term I thought of..), as in though I am attractive to women, I do not have any sexual attractions to, well, anyone. Don't tell me I am the only one, because I cannot be! Sigh, and I'm stuck in a world when it seems that everyone is "obsessed" with S-E-X (In other words; I identify as "homoromantic").

- I do not consider myself to be female (biologically, I'm female, but I refer to myself as "agender" or "genderless" (as I don't know what I am really..inside my mind..), but there are a few times when I also feel both male and female, bigender. This is a thing I am still exploring, and learning more about. I would prefer to be referred to as just Rina, or Ri, however. I used to wish I was born a hermaphradite, that way, it would have been easier for me somehow...



I do it too. Just set it up a few days ago. Only uploaded half of what I've made so far. I enjoy experimenting with different forms of art, so why not music? Go check it out if you like. Any hate will be overlooked, mind you.
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Thanks for the watch ^^
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hey thx for teh watch
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szczurek2725 Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Heey :wave:
welcome to :iconhippies:
I hope you'll have fun in our community :D
feel free to contribute your art and ask questions ;)

If you have any ideas how to make the group better (in any meaning of that) write a note to the group and I'm sure I'll think what I can do :D

~szczurek2725 Dharma of #hippies
I just wanted to say, Thank you most kindly for the watch, I promise to keep things tasty!!  :)
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